Steel - Neosteel TMT Bars

Avighna Steel TMT bars are manufactured through primary production process to ensure purity and superior quality.

Key Features:

  • Pure Steel gives enhanced strength with durability
  • Best in class Rib Pattern with highest AR value that bonds best with cement
  • Consistent quality across the bar – HYQST ensures a uniform quality which can be seen as concentric rings in the cross-section of the bar
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Easy Weldability due to low carbon content
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Easy Bendability due to inherent microstructure with soft ferrite and pearlite core
  • Higher Fatgue resistance for cyclic load conditions
  • Green Steel from Zero Effluent discharge plant


Size 8-40 mm
Grades Fe500, Fe500D , Fe550D, Fe600 and CRS grade
Form In Straight form; 8 & 10mm also available in coil form