Steel - Cold Rolled

Avighna Steel cold rolled closed annealed (CRCA) coils and sheets are produced at our state-of-the-art cold rolling mills (CRMs). With our cutting-edge facilities, advanced operational technologies, rigorous inspection processes and integrated quality control, we ensure that everything made at our CRMs is of the highest standard.


  • The widest cold rolling mill for automotive steel in India (Up to 1870 mm.)
  • A cutting-edge continuous galvanizing line with dual pot system for GI and GA production.
  • Higher strength products (up to TS 980 MPa), meeting the SEDDQ Grade.
  • A seamless, automatic material storage, tracking, retrieval and transfer system.
  • Proven global technology from SMS Siemag for PLTCM and JP Steel Plantech for CAL and CGL
  • Continuous pickling line with 1.3 MTPA capacity; the supplier: Flat Products India Ltd.
  • Twin stand 6-high reversing mill, with a 0.850 MTPA capacity; the supplier: SMS Demag, Germany
  • Electrolytic cleaning line with a 0.6 MTPA capacity; the supplier: Flat Products India Ltd., India Automation by ABB
  • Batch Annealing Furnaces; the supplier: Ebner, Austria
  • 4-high single stand skin pass with a 0.875 MTPA capacity;
  • A higher reduction in finishing stands, with transfer bar thickness up to 55 mm.

Product Specifications

Hot Rolled – Coils, Sheets & Plates

0.35 – 3.2 mm.
750 – 1870 mm.
CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, IF, HIF, HSS, Bake Hardening,
High Strength Micro Alloyed, C-Mn High Strength, Rephosphorized, Dual Phase